You find what you look for.

When I was a little girl, Pollyanna was my very favorite movie; however, I never understood the significance of this scene until adulthood:

I find in life this principle: People find what they look for.

If you look for a reason not to do something, you will find it.
In the same way, if you look for a reason to do something, you will find it.

If you look for hypocrisy in the Church, you will find it.
As a Christian, one cannot leave the Church and still be in a healthy relationship with Christ.
Should we not instead be thankful that God accepts imperfect sinners like ourselves
and bear with each other in our imperfect growing processes?
If you look for laziness and hedonism outside of the church, you will find it.
As a Christian, one cannot hide in the church building 
and isolate oneself from the hedonists in the world.
Should we not instead see just how much we have the same hedonistic practices
and see the amazing work Christ is doing in our lives to make us as though we were righteous
and see the potential every lost person has for God to do amazing things in their lives?

[I have recently been asking God to give me compassion for those who do not yet have the life-giving presence of Christ in their lives. This is one area in which I tend to be complacent: I don't want anyone to go to Hell, but I usually tell myself that I can't do anything to stop it.]
The same principle applies when viewing different cultures: I just returned from Romania 
where I had many opportunities to form opinions about Romanian culture.
Whenever anyone travels to a different part of the globe, he or she carries pre-formed assumptions about what the people and living conditions will be like. 

If you look for backwardness in Romania, you will find it.
Horse-drawn wagons are a common sight in every village and city in Romania.

If you look for technological advancements in Romania, you will find them.
To me, Java Juice and frappaccinos are an essential technological advancement.

If you look for kindness and integrity, you will find it.
If you look for insolence and dishonesty, you will find it.

So what do you want to find?

The truth about grace?
How much God loves you?
What God's will is for your life?
Who God Is?

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

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